Conscious Dreaming

An exciting new way to dream: experience conscious lucid dreaming by merely closing your eyes! Where the dreamer is not asleep, is able to consciously engage with the dream, make their own choices on what to do and where to go. It is a self-created virtual reality where the dreamer is awake, aware, firmly in charge, and is able to interact with the people present in the room.

The dreamer is conscious of being in two realities simultaneously, and in control of both. As the dream unfolds, we can investigate, explore, and always ask questions to gain absolute clarity, so we never have to speculate nor make assumptions.

Sometimes the dreamer feels a bit lost and asks “what do I do now?” Options will be offered and the dreamer makes the choice. Sometimes we may have a discussion about what’s happening in the dream, or we may pause the dream, dreamer opens the eyes, we have a discussion, then dreamer closes eyes again to resume the dream, or embark on a new one.

The eyes need to be closed to watch, sense and participate in the dreamscape. When the dream ends, the eyes open and the dreamer is usually able to recall the dream. All sessions are recorded so that the experience can be replayed even though the dream may fade.

What happens in dream sessions are fabulously unscripted and unorthodox. Conscious dreaming requires an open mind with no expectation of a specific outcome. Sometimes people think they’re going to explore a specific issue but the dream takes a completely different direction. We usually go along and see what transpires. There’s usually a hidden purpose in that. Our job is to uncover it.

Conscious dreaming can be done anywhere, anytime, no preparation needed. Just be comfortably seated, close your eyes and go. Yes, truly that easy. I do this all the time. It’s much easier to give a 3-minute direct experience than try to explain the glorious world of colours to someone who only sees black and white. A full dream session usually lasts about an hour.

Conscious dreaming was developed as a tool to resolve emotional and mental health issues. The answers lie within us and dreaming helps us access them. Others request a dream session simply to experience lucid dreaming without effort, and to do so while awake! These are curious explorers, ready to venture into completely uncharted worlds.

Experimenting with conscious dreaming for over a decade has been a deep learning experience. Often challenging, the rewards are priceless, Here are some of my discoveries and insights from dream sessions:

  • What’s the difference between lucid dreaming and Conscious Dreaming? With Conscious Dreaming, you can have a normal conversation while having a lucid dream. Conversations with Lucid Dreamers
  • Can people share the same dream space? Is it possible to see/participate in another person’s dream? Oh yes, as I found out accidentally. It was pretty cool: Co-dreaming, Group Dreaming
  • Can I have a new brain? I’d never heard of it but that didn’t stop it from happening. This surprise gift from a conscious dream started my explorations into the endless possibilities of how events in the dream world are linked to our waking world. The New Brain
  • I seem to be meeting an increasing number of young people who feel isolated and unable to engage with others. There are many reasons for this and here’s a common thread expressed during this dream session: It’s about not being heard, not being able to express myself, talking to someone but not saying what you actually want to say. Knowing that it will be heard but also not being heard nor understood. Feel barricades all around me. My Rabbit Hole
  • What about Extraterrestrials (ETs)? I’ve had dreamers tell of not being human, of not wanting to be here on earth, not fitting in and feeling extremely homesick. Conscious dreaming is a brilliant way to connect them to their people/home base wherever/whatever that may be. It gives them comfort to know that ‘home’ is only a heartbeat away, and that they’re never alone. Here are two dreamers who found their connections: The Spacie, The New Brain
  • Do we know whether we’re happy? Do we even think about it? This person thought about it long and hard and wanted to know why she could never feel happy. She tried finding answers in religion. Unfortunately, the experience left her with a huge sense of guilt, deep fear and depression that lasted several years. This is not something that people will go seek professional assistance. Conscious dreaming was an interesting, innovative way to find answers. Where is Joy?
  • Who do we think we are? What gives us our sense of identity and self worth? Sometimes another ‘voice/being’ enters the dream to offer insights. Here’s one of them: “Is sick of being tired. Is sick of being who she is. Doesn’t like herself. Cannot accept her personality. That’s what’s causing her tiredness and her sadness. A lot of grief in her…. Her heart is fearful… She is stuck because she does not realize the fear that lies within her. That is also the reason for her recent binges. Addiction to sweets and food that is not beneficial to her. Being Different is not a Deficit

Other dream sessions include:

Belief Knots, Ties that Bind, Don’t Kill The Lion, Grandfather Nothing Is Ever Impossible

If you’d like to know more, I’ll be thrilled to hear from you. Every conscious dream brings a unique perspective provided by a vast expansive mind not bound to the physical body. We have not even scratched the surface of what we think we know about consciousness. I warmly invite you to join me on this wondrous exploration. Do drop me a line. An amazing adventure awaits. Contact