Nothing Is Ever Impossible

There is someone on the left. Jesus. He says I know you are not a Christian. And it’s okay.  He is asking me: Do you know that you are not the sad person you think you are? Do you know that you are actually more than that? Why are you limiting yourself? Open up!

He put his palm on my forehead. And another hand on my stomach. He said I removed all your false beliefs. Removed every bit of it. Now create beliefs that are positive. Have a positive mind. He said he’ll pinch me if I forget. Ouch! on my arm.

How can he teach me? He said that he will make me knock into something if I forget. When I see bruises I will remember. He’s pinching me on the left side of my arm. So if I see bruises there I will know. And to remember to create positive beliefs. He said that it’s all beliefs that you have been playing with. You have just been playing with negative beliefs. Okay he says that he doesn’t want to scold me too much. Just get rid of the false beliefs. Create positive beliefs like I am worth it. And that I can do it. Nothing is ever impossible.

Buddha is here. He’s a bit serious. Compared to Jesus. Much more serious. He’s asking me to be lighter, not to dim my light. Don’t shut it down again. He’s putting his hands on my forehead now. I say thanks to them and they say call if you need me. They are now gone. Both of them.

Oh there is Quan Yin. She’s smiling. She’s giving blessings now. The water blessing. To both of us. She said I accept your apologies. I apologized to her yesterday. She said it is not your fault. Because I am so young she accepts it.

Sitting alone in the darkness. I am not afraid. But I’m feeling a bit insecure, hugging myself. Grandfather is here. He said whenever I feel afraid just call him. I’ll protect you. Nothing to be afraid of. He patted my head, giving me some power. From my head. Green yellow blue. He promised he would really protect me even when I can’t see him. I feel very relaxed, fresh and peaceful. And excited. And asked me not to forget him. Remember me now. I am feeling really happy.