Being Different is not a Deficit

different not a deficit

This is a transcript from dreamer who had been experiencing anxiety and depression for about two years. Sometimes during a dream session, another voice appears, distinctly different as if someone else were speaking, and referring the dreamer in the third person. We call this ‘channelling’ and the dreamer may or may not be aware of it. I will always ensure that the dreamer feels safe about what is happening. Here’s the dream:

There’s anxiety like heat where my heart is, a burning sensation. Now a warm sensation. (She starts to cry, and her voice changes to a soft, soothing tone.)  It’s very tired, eyes are very tired. Is sick of being tired. Is sick of being who she is. Doesn’t like herself. Cannot accept her personality. That’s what’s causing her tiredness and her sadness. A lot of grief in her. She has to recognize who she is. She’s here to bring light. She’s here to be the light. Light up the path for others. To awaken others to their divine selves.

There are lessons that she needs to learn before she can start the work. She keeps forgetting her true self. She allows her thoughts to wreak havoc within her. Her heart is fearful. That’s the reason she feels so alone. She needs to see that she is more powerful than the fear inside of her. This is a challenge. She is stuck because she does not realize the fear that lies within her. That is also the reason for her recent binges. Addiction to sweets and food that is not beneficial to her.

It is her fear of power that leads her to make those choices. She is afraid that being in her power will cause her to go insane. Losing control. Whenever she is pure in her intentions and when she is fully in her heart she is pure light. The fear that bubbled within has caused much stress. She has not carefully looked at it and instead allowed it to move into her heart space causing much anxiety and tears. It’s the fear that keeps her from feeling joy.

This pain she feels comes from the highest standards that she placed on herself. She magnifies all that she perceives as her imperfections and she allows herself to get upset over them. The key for her to move into her power is self acceptance. To appreciate her own uniqueness and to honor her differences. She is different from other people and she need not treat it like a deficit. It’s this difference that will help her to bring light to others. This is something she must learn to value and not condemn.

She is often in conflict because she compares herself to others. She sees other people doing things and she gets worried because she feels she can’t do the same. She can do anything that she sets out to do. She keeps reinforcing this perception of herself as a social imbecile. There are many things which she worries about not being able to do, like being able to carry on a conversation or being able to make people laugh.  Once she embraces herself this will all come very naturally to her. She just needs to relax to being herself. That’s how she will be able to relate to others who have gone through the same pain of not accepting themselves. It’s only when she finally embraces herself that she will be able to help others.