Group Dreaming

This is second half of previous post on Co-dreaming where two people consciously shared a dream together.

I wondered if it’s possible for three people to share the same dream together. To my delight, my friends were curious too. We pulled out some chairs and made ourselves comfortable.

This family self identifies as practising Taoists and prays to Lady Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. I asked if they would like to connect with the Goddess; She may have interesting things to tell us. With eyes closed, they started to share their dream sensations of the Goddess, each contributing to a different aspect until we got a complete picture: that she was smiling and radiated joy. She was also silent, no messages. The mum silently asked a few personal questions and was satisfied with the answers. We had no further questions. Lady Kuan Yin left.

Yoke Chan then sensed another presence. Eyes still closed, she asked her mum whether it’s her late dad. Affirmation. Did he have messages? He’s just visiting and yes, there were things he wanted to discuss with her mum. We quietly waited, then she said he’s gone.

Yoke Chan then began to feel a very strong, heavy sensation on side close to her mum. I could see her head tilting from the weight. KC seated opposite, eyes still closed, saw a massive expansion of her energy field, then she was lifted up on top of what seemed like an enormous tree trunk(?) Up, up, up to a bright open space. I asked “like Jack’s bean stalk?” He laughed and agreed.

Yoke Chan sensed that the space was crowded with people, confirmed by her mum and KC. They started to check each other’s impressions, eyes still closed and speaking to each other in Chinese. I only got a smattering as I watched their expressions and body language. They were figuring out eight Chinese characters that appeared but couldn’t quite get the order right nor make out the meaning.

Then I heard Yoke Chan say she’s kneeling. Now I recognise that Chinese word! It has all sorts of implications, especially the way she said it. What? Why? Who’s there? Many important questions. Left alone they were likely to drift and get distracted. Time for me to get into action and get them to explain to me in English.

Yoke Chan was the only one kneeling, both arms outstretched, palms open, facing upwards to receive something. Mum and KC standing on one side of her, two vague others on other side, endless mass of humanity behind them. They couldn’t see anything in front and nothing seems to be happening. We waited quietly, then she felt this huge amount of energy pouring into the top of her head and down her body. It went on for what seems like ages and she started to get impatient. She told them to hurry up. The process quickly speeded up and was soon completed. Everything disappeared. They opened their eyes and told me there’s nothing else.

To a casual observer, we’d appear to be sitting around having a normal conversation, not knowing that everyone’s eyes were closed and that I was the only one with my eyes wide open, attentive and alert.

My most important question after a conscious dream is always “how are you feeling?” They were all feeling fine, with Yoke Chan especially feeling very light, the earlier heaviness gone. We’re still processing what just happened.

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