About Me

Ailee Tan, Dream Therapist & Creator of Conscious Dreaming

Welcome to the brand new world of Conscious Dreaming! Let me share a bit about my life and the birth of this exciting new concept.

Growing up in Singapore, I believed that if I studied hard, got a degree, got a well paid job, got a husband and made lots of money, I’d be happy and successful. I did all that and all was well, 

We had built up a busy, successful private practice. Then the man started to lose interest in work. The gorgeous chap I married became an angry, closed up stranger, totally shut down, who just wanted to be somewhere else. I learnt later that this was classic burnout and depression. He had been working insanely long hours for several years due to the sheer demand and associated deadlines. We’d accepted this as normal part of life, zero awareness of mental and emotional health, until they were broken. Not many people are prepared to talk about mental health. I’m here to make a difference.

How did I cope? I had stumbled across an article on Reiki and signed up for a Reiki course out of pure curiosity. That opened the door to an exciting world of metaphysics and alternative healing modalities. I also trained as a counsellor, but felt that there had to be a faster, more efficient way to resolve mental and emotional health issues.

Then in 2007, I discovered Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist who was using hypnosis in a most unconventional manner, especially in healing the mind and body. Her work showed that there is absolutely no limit to what can be investigated while a client is in a deep trance.

Now I was all fired up to become a hypnotherapist like Dolores Cannon. After attending her course, I bought and studied stacks of books on hypnotherapy. Then reality struck! I found that though people described amazing experiences during trance, they often came back with no memory of what just happened. It felt unsafe to me. I gave up on hypnosis.

Quite by accident, I found that people can easily go into the dream state by merely closing their eyes. Unlike an induced hypnotic trance, they are in complete control of the dream while remaining conscious and telling me all that’s happening ‘over there’, with their eyes are closed. When the dream ends, they’ll naturally open their eyes and recall most of the dream. Because they had actively participated in the dream, they could own it, make it real and we have something to work with. Thus Conscious Dreaming was born!

As a trained counsellor, I’ve found Conscious Dreaming extremely effective in helping clients resolve mental and emotional distress. Setting a purpose and letting the dream unfold is much less stressful than having to discuss their problems at length. In fact, the young people who come for sessions view Conscious Dreaming as an adventure rather than therapy. And then there are those who go off on wild adventures and bring back brilliant ideas. My job is to keep them safe.

If you are looking for an entirely new way of navigating this fast changing world, Conscious Dreaming may just be the answer. Do come and check it out for yourself!! Contact https://wa.me/6592241594