Can people share the same dream space?

Is it possible to see another person’s dream?

On a quiet Sunday morning, I caught up with my friend Yoke Chan, her husband KC and her 80-year old mum. All three have had their own separate dream sessions.

Everyone experiences conscious dreaming in their own unique way:

> Yoke Chan has strong sensing, no visuals, garbled audio.

> KC gets perfect visuals and not much else, no audio nor sensing.

> Mum has sensing, audio and visuals but keeps everything private and doesn’t say much.

When Yoke Chan had her first conscious dreaming session, she had no visuals (still doesn’t) but could sense energies in and around her. She could also hear sounds but not words, and could only intuit communication and intent. 

She wanted to check on a medical procedure that she was not happy with. The session was long and complicated. We ran out of time and scheduled another one to continue. She felt fine afterwards, yet not quite convinced about what just happened – because she couldn’t see anything, unlike her normal dreams which come with perfect audio visuals.

That night she dreamt that work was still being done on her body. The next morning her husband told her he dreamt that she was having surgery and gave her full details of what took place, just as she saw in her nighttime dream 😳

He came with her for her next session. Seated across the room, I asked him to close his eyes and tune in while Yoke Chan was consciously dreaming. He was able to see what was happening energetically inside her body, seeing and confirming what she said she was sensing. This was a technically minded, linear guy telling what he sees in a detached clinical manner. It was a brand new experience for me.

I saw them again a few months later. Yoke Chan had been hearing annoying high pitched sounds in one ear and asked if we could check it out. 

Since KC had previously done the “seeing”, I asked if he could close his eyes and “look” at the area his wife indicated. Yoke Chan didn’t close her eyes as she wanted to watch what we were doing. She had no internal visuals anyway. Her intuitive sensing was bright and responsive. She could clearly feel the ‘wiring’ being untangled as she directed us to different areas of discomfort. Working together we fixed it. It was an awesome experience!

When Yoke Chan’s mum requested for a dream session, she had to sit in. Mum speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, I only speak English 😔  She’s a quiet lady who doesn’t talk much, so I had to do loads of gentle prodding to find out what’s happening. She got the information she wanted, and when we finished, she smiled, took my hand and patted it with warmth and affection.

That was more than a year ago. I caught up with them yesterday and we had an impromptu session. I wondered if it’s possible for all three of them to share the same dream space together. To my delight, they were curious too. We pulled out some chairs and made ourselves comfortable.

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