The Spacie

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My friend is a therapist who works with autistic children. I got a frantic call about this young chap who was screaming each night, terrified of three people who kept appearing. Can we check it out? The mum is ready to try anything to make this stop.

The dream session was held at my friend’s office. The teen was somewhat shy, not terribly communicative, and no eye contact either. His therapist and mum explained to him what the dream session was about, and that we’re going to find out more about the people who are appearing each night and making him scared. We assured him that we will keep him safe while we check. 

He settled in, complete with blanket and soft cushion to cuddle. However, when he closed his eyes, they wouldn’t stay shut and he asked for a blindfold. One blindfold coming up and adjusted to his satisfaction. He soon pointed to ‘three people’ in front of him. I asked if he recognised them and he immediately identified them as his friends ‘from before’. Before what? Before he came to earth. They needed to take him somewhere. I asked whether he wanted to go with them. He enthusiastically nodded his head. 

He was taken to where a spaceship was grounded. Seems he used to captain this spaceship and his crewmates needed his expertise to repair it. Thus their urgency in getting his attention. He proceeded to fix a series of engineering issues that took a while. Although he explained what he was doing, I had to depend on his mum and therapist to translate.  

My communication with him was complicated by speech and language limitations. Although he seemed to understand my questions, I had to continuously look to his mum and therapist to translate what he was saying. His mum filled me in later with loads more details of what actually happened during the dream session and interesting events that followed.

He was really happy after the dream session. His mum had never seen him this animated, chatty and smiley. He’d always told them that he came from far away, does not belong on earth and wants to go home. This dream session gave them more understanding of his fascination with the stars and engineering concepts, and a way to engage his attention and nurture his development. Way to go!!!

The New Brain

This dream session took place in 2010. It provided startling information that fueled my curiosity into what else we could do with the brain. I started asking dreamers if they could see their brains and describe how it looks/feels. Each brain is unique in dream perception, yet work carried out to clean, repair broken connections, etc. often result in dreamers feeling brighter and more balanced afterwards. Exciting new possibilities continue to unfold. Here’s the dream that started it all.

I’m now going back to that space. The blue and black one. The spherical one. It is much nicer there. I feel better. I feel safer, more comfortable. I see a lot of small robot like things zipping around but there’s no talking whatsoever, just zipping around.

I hear the words “welcome home”. I can’t describe it but there are things that I have never seen before, yet feels familiar. There is something that is talking to me. Not someone, something. They say what I’m doing is not working. That I need to find another way. That I need to restart. That I have accumulated too much rubbish, too much stuff.

Can’t they help you clean it?
They can but they wanted me to do it by myself. I’m too lazy to do it. It’s too much. 

Can they clean it up so that you can restart?
I have to say ‘please’. They say “who asked you to go and play with the humans then”?

So will they do it?
Yes, they are clearing. They show me a picture. They say turn around and look, and there is this trail of baggage, luggage bags that I have been carrying. And they asked why I’m carrying all that junk (emotional baggage) and they threw it out into space. And it just disappears. It feels pretty cool like they throw it out and it just disappears.

They keep mumbling like “how do you accumulate so much stuff?” They’re  looking at it but they don’t have a face and it’s like “what’s all this?” (laughter) They’re fiddling around with it and just threw it out.

I’m feeling very much lighter already. I’m asking for a new body and they say go to the workshop. Need a new brain. This one is worn out.

They giving you a new brain??
They are not making it too easy. I must promise not to abuse it. They say it is not so easy to just come and get a new one.  It was too hard to clear old one. They say it is important to keep that old one as they need to get information out of it. Now it’s done.

They say my body was made for understanding some of the human things. It was made to sense the human suffering. It’s not a body that can do things.

We’ve(*) been watching her and she spends way too much time taking on other peoples’ stuff. She works through it within her body, and gives it back, but doesn’t work on her own stuff and that’s why it drains her.

She’s like a firefly. She is one light and she needs the other lights. Until she finds them she cannot be as effective as she can be. She knows she needs to be at this space and is getting glimpses of it. Earlier she said she wanted to come home and we said no, we needed her to help earth.

They say that I’ll get some kind of answer by the end of the year and I need to take it easy till then. They will have some more clues and will be in contact again. They say they will try to place her in a location because location is really important to her and they can’t decide at this point right now. By the end of the year things will get clearer.


*Sometimes we get another ‘voice’ coming through, speaking of the dreamer in the third person, from another perspective. Pronouns tend to shift around a bit between first & third person, with the dreamer sometimes referring to herself in third person as well. 

I met her a few months later. She happily showed me some automatic writing that she’d done in response to questions in her mind, and was really excited to be going to a distant remote area for work.