Where is Joy?

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

This middle-aged lady wanted to know why she could never feel happy. She had tried finding answers in religion and that left her more fearful than before. This is not something that people will go seek professional assistance; having a dream session seems an interesting innovative adventure. 

There’s a cave and there are steps going up. I can see somebody sitting there. I need to bow down. His face looks familiar.

Perhaps you’d like to ask your questions?

Why am I always not happy? He says I’m always afraid. That I am trapped inside. I can’t get out like, buried alive underground.

There’s a the light, just follow that light. Because when there is light you’re not afraid of the dark. Light now on top of my head. It’s always up there, I never knew!

When you feel the light up there you can feel it all over your body as well. The body feels good. The body is getting lighter and the mind is getting clearer.

Why did she have to experience all that pain?

There is no love in her heart. She needs to love. She needs to be open. She’s closed. Always closed all the time. She lost love a long time ago. She can’t find it. She needs to open her heart.

Can the light open the heart so that she can love?

The body is all warm now. Heart opened up and the light is filling it up. Actually feel like an angel now. The light filled up my heart.

What’s her purpose?

To love herself and to love others. She always remembers her past and never lets it go.  It’s not her fault. She didn’t know. She has these people who don’t know how to love, so she doesn’t know how. She has to always remember and remember and remember to love herself, love herself and love herself.

She needs to forgive everybody, just forgive everybody. She never forgives anybody. Just remember forgive, forgive, forgive everybody.

She needs to live without guilt. Everybody have their choices. Don’t take away their choices. Don’t get so tied up with everybody’s lives. You’re not responsible for their lives. Just go with the flow. She’s always been so rigid, so uptight, so hard on herself.

If something she wants to do, go ahead and do it. Don’t be afraid of what other people think. Be happy. Don’t be so afraid, always looking back.

Go with friends who are happy. Don’t go back to the old ways. Go out and explore. She has so much fear. It started with her childhood. She has nothing to fear now. Everything is for the better, not stuck.


After the session she said that she felt so much lighter and clearer. She instinctively was aware of being in the presence of a ‘higher authority’, thus the need to bow. “I feel very different, I want to change my name. That name had too much pain, fear and suffering.”

Sometimes the dreamer appears to channel the person they’re interacting with, who then refers to the dreamer in the third person and we proceed to discuss issues previously brought up. The dreamer is still present, listens in to the conversation and is able to ask further questions. There was this other one who quipped in with “yeah, I was going to ask that question too” 🙂