There’s a table with an oyster and a pearl. It says will remove all my scars. Says pay attention to your heart. Taking care of the others is not taking care of yourself. I eat the pearl, swallowing it down. It’s shining inside me. My whole body is emitting light. Another black pearl there. It just appeared. Eat it. Why are they asking me to eat so many pearls? Eat it. The pearl is floating and talking to me. Feels like it is challenging me. Grab. It’s shiny, it is black and it is shining, like a very bright light. I eat it. It removes a layer around my heart. Seems to be enveloping my heart. Now my heart is shining very brightly. The shell of the oyster closes.

Asked whether I want to go somewhere else. It is very playful. I am still in doubt. It says that I’m such a boring person. I asked if my skin will recover. She said oh yes you silly. She says to meditate. I don’t like meditation. She asked me to sing. Happy songs, nursery rhymes. Okay that’s easy.  My skin condition. They said I am curious. Experimenting on myself. They say I have no idea how powerful my mind is. To use my mind wisely I can get great things done. I have leadership qualities but I don’t like to use it. You tend to lose a lot of friends.

The wind blows and we are off to another place. Camels, trees.

He says he’s my grandfather but I told him I’ve never met him. He says that I don’t have to meet him in order for him to be my grandfather. I’m asking him “are you sure that I can recover?” He says to trust myself. That I am afraid.

He’s using a hammer on my head. It is not painful. He’s trying to fix something. My stomach, screws. My eyes he’s painting. He’s also painting my body.  Brushes look white. He’s painting open my eyes. Strokes after strokes. Just area of my eye below the skin. I could feel myself floating. It’s done.

The head. Opening up. He’s looking into it. Removing stuff from my head. He taking it out and throwing it away. Rubbish. He takes, he looked and then he threw. Once he threw on the floor it is gone. All rubbish. Even threw away my brain. Taking out some juice from the brain. Green, something oily. The brain now kind of gets fatter. Back into my head. I asked whether is it done. He said yes, please don’t dirty it again.

Maybe I should change a new heart for you. It’s not pumping correctly. It is very still. An old lady’s heart. He tossed it away and there’s a new one in his hand. And he just put it in. My stomach is messy.  I can see that it is a nasty green. He’s grumbling, so many things to do for you. He’s fixed it. He’s tired. Is falling asleep by the side.


While grandfather was asleep, I asked if there was anyone else who could offer help. I was completely taken aback by what happened next... Read about it in: Nothing Is Ever Impossible